2004: convinced my high school to let me build a trebuchet for credit. I called the initiative "Introduction to Medieval Engineering" (Sewanee, TN).
2006: wore a laurel wreath to graduation, just like Zuck! (Exeter, NH).
2008: quarterbacked the submission of innovation research grant proposals to DARPA and the US Army for drone helicopter research, with more than 50% culminating in awards (Philadelphia, PA).
2010: wrote a thesis on the interplay and inevitable tension between academia and the intelligence community (Princeton, NJ).
2010 - 2012: consulted on strategy issues for the government and defense firms (Washington, DC).
2012: first intern at Infinio, commercializing virtual machine acceleration research from Columbia CS professors (Cambridge, MA).
2013: first MBA at Luminoso, commercializing latent semantic analysis and NLP contextualization research spun out of the MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, MA).
2014: published a series of research reports on public sector investment and security policy trends via a niche consultancy, helping keep the lights on through grad school (Cambridge, MA).
May 2015: in partnership with MasterCard, broke new ground at RECON 2015 with the launch of the Retail Location Insights platform, powered by LevelTrigger, a start-up I co-founded in Feb 2014 with two PhD data scientists (Cambridge, MA).
April 2016 - : working as director of finance and operations at App Academy, which trains incredible software engineers. The twist: we don't charge our grads tuition until they find a job afterwards (San Francisco, CA).